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Has anyone pressed the police for an answer as to why they came out in a press release and said that the murderer had entered the apartment completely and the door was ajar, but in the search warrant it says that she was confronted in the doorway and never entered?

Is there some reason the media avoids addressing when the police lie?

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Wouldn't disagree with you there.

You were the most devastating clinch puncher to probably ever fight for a number of years, literally noone could deal with you on the inside.

I personally would love to see the fantasy fight between you and Ali at his prime.

I always thought the 2 of you were the best fighters and showmen to ever fight in a ring.

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Yeah and it's generally public record.

I had copies of the one from my uncle's murder and the transcript where a off duty cop was there in the 911 logs, he's the most likely murderer, but the TBI refused to follow up on him because blue shield of silence oath.

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Has anyone asked why the judge signed the search warrant to search for narcotics and contraband throughout the apartment while no probable cause to do so was given anywhere in the search warrant?

That's a civil rights violation, but the media in Dallas seems to be avoiding asking about it.