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since armies are, in the end, made of people - how do you think individuals reconcile this? the human need to be good vs the army need to kill & destroy?

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What did you do about your bill? Did you pay it?

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How does OSA operate?

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How the federal government hasn't prosecuted Scientology on Organized Crime, extortion, and intimidation charges, is beyond me. Do you think it's simply because they hide under the veil of organized religion?

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What is your perspective on L Ron Hubbard? Do you think he suffered from mental illness as has been speculated?
And what do you think his motivations were behind Dianetics and the creation of Scientology?
Did you ever see or know anyone that saw his office and rooms that are prepared for him daily in case he "returns"? How do you think that Scientology continues to recruit members worldwide despite its growing waning reputation?