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Hi Kevin, the state of the NBN is an issue I'm very passionate about, as I earn my living as a web developer. I find the destruction of the Labor NBN unconscionable, as leading industry experts have stated numerous times that fibre to the premises would have been the best way forwards for the Australian digital economy. Even with a similar two-party system in New Zealand, both parties agreed upon FTTP as the correct solution for their country's future, and domestic gigabit speeds are now attainable by our good friends across the ditch.

If it can be established that the Liberal National Party was influenced or coerced by an external factor, particularly a factor with a vested financial interest, and deliberately changed the NBN infrastructure model to an inferior solution due to that influence, what can be done about holding people accountable for what is, in essence, selling out the future of Australia's economy?

We manufacture so little, our mining sector is on the decline, and the digital economy is where Australia could be a world-class player. If our future prosperity has been sabotaged by corrupt elements, I find that absolutely outrageous, and those parties involved should answer for what they've done.

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Hi Paris, thanks for joining us. Were any of the kids in WW similar to their alter ego personalities in reality? Or was it all just... acting?

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Hi, I'd like to ask... oh... I see it's over. Thus continues my experience with every AMA I've ever clicked on.

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Wow, I knew he did it often, but when you see it as a compilation like that it's pretty ridiculous.

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I remember that, I had never seen him so angry before, coming from a guy who looks like he would be difficult to anger.