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omegaterra10 karma

As a jealous guy I find this fascinating and alien. I simply don't have it in me to be OK with my wife being with another man. I did have a bisexual ex that would bring girls home for us both to have fun times with and she had my permission to hook up with girls on her own but something about other men feels different. I suppose I'm a bit hypocritical and couldn't honestly say why I view them differently.

Why did he and his ex split up and do you ever worry he will become more attached to someone else than he should? I ask the first question because I was curious if the strain of an open relationship had anything to do with it.

omegaterra2 karma

What, if any, rules or guidelines do you have for your open relationship? Is there anything that is off limits outside of the marriage and do you both have the same rules? Is it awkward at all when for example, you're home with the kid and he's out with someone else? In the reverse, has he ever felt awkward?

Thanks in advance.