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What was the biggest culture shock you had when you visited the US? Which one still shocks you?

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Hi Bassem, Nice to see you back here again. Last time you were here, we made it clear that we are friends :)

I've followed everything you've done especially after El Bernameg. During and after El Bernameg the country was heavily divided.

Do you ever feel that you can go back and do what you were doing again if the circumstances allowed?

Do you think people will follow into your footsteps too if the circumstances allowed. (God damn those circumstances)

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Hi Bassem, I'm a huge fan and thank you so much for doing this AMA, Here are my questions to you: 1) What is your favourite movie ? 2) Did you think about doing some sort of a tour (not essentially stand-up) ? 3) Other than your focus on youth talents and Tickling Giants, what things do you have in mind to do in the future ? 4) Do you see yourself being a politician or getting involved with politics again ?

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With the rise of machine learning, have you thought about implementing it to the arm?