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Can it be that your established long time cooperation with CIA and participating in very questionable Guantanamo practices such as unconstitutional detainment and torture of prisoners is pretty much discrediting the whole genocide accusations?

om_money3 karma

No one here is accusing you of anything. These are the simple facts which are a part of public knowledge body. Instead, you are accusing me being an accomplice in Chinese genocide and spreading disinformation?! What kind of disinformation am I spreading exactly? Excuse me, sir, you are not in Gitmo anymore, and I am not a helpless detainee yet. You are not quite in position to question my motives. Fact checking and telling the truth actually are the pillars of democracy. I am sorry you do not understand that. Maybe you are the one who needs re-education crash course here. Possibly, your friends from Langley can provide you one with a discount.