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Do you support electoral reform (advocated by among others fairvote.org and the green party), such as using Instand Runoff Voting (AKA ranked choice voting) for single winner elections, and replacing single member districs with some form of proportional representation for House elections?

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When people talk about democracy the focus is often on the government, but do you have thoughts about bringing more democracy into corporations and other non-governmental entities?

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What happens if one of the countries involved besides the US decide not to accept it, or a new government wants to abolish it. Green parties are quite opposed to it, and could at least in the NZ have some say after the next election there.

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Man, this is scary stuff. Thanks for your work in fighting against it.

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There are a million definitions of what socialism means. In Europe it's generally used to describe anything left of centre, many of the major social democratic parties still use socialist in their name. That doesn't mean they support the kind policies Chavez and Maduro run. Similarly, Obama, is termed a socialist by the right in the US, but would be considered quite right wing outside the US (at least in Europe). In short, what would be described as socialism by some, might be described as neoliberal/conservative/whatever by others. So, I think it is a bit of a fallacy to say "socialism doesn't work", when there are so many ideas of what it means.

If by socialism, one is referring to things such as Maduro's policies or Soviet Union then I would agree that it doesn't seem to work very well. If by socialism, one is referring to a european-style welfare state such as Germany, then I would argue the statement is less accurate.

Anyhow, I hope you manage to make a difference and stop this madness.