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Are there any current divorce laws (including any unenforceable ones) that you think are pretty out there or bizarre?

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When they've happened previously, they have been big deals. Also, I'm fairly certain that the previous shutdowns haven't occurred when a president refused to sign a budget bill that had passed houses that were the same party as the president in power.

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For people who are observant in any religion, there are likely different meanings between religious marriage and legal marriage. If they weren't observant, then the religious distinctions wouldn't matter. But, for a significant portion of people, they do. That's why you have people seeking annulment under the catholic church or marrying in a specific manner for Church of Latter Day Saints etc. For these people, these rules do matter due to their faith and these people want to abide by them (just like federal legal requirements likely matter to you).

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I’m not equipped to speak to the statistics as I’m not a professional here. I will say as a personal experience and based on my friendsm experiences with online dating is that is sucks as a woman. The other commenter said it as well, but I’m going to reiterate it. Dick picks, guys that get pissed that I don’t want to hook up, guys that immediately send me explicit messages. Dates that I showed up to and immediately felt physically unsafe due to the man’s behavior. I’m bi and I explicitly state in my profile that I do not want to do anything with couples, but so many male partners in m/f couples trawling for threesomes. I’ve pretty much quit online dating because it sucks so much. So yes, women get more swipes or equivalent based on the app, but you’ve framed it as women get to have a paradise because of online dating and that is not my online dating reality or for most women that I know. For women who have found success, they have described it as in spite of the nature of online dating.