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I haven't read the article yet, doing so now, but is this during a police stop or issues with breathalyzers you purchase and take yourself?

What steps would someone take if they felt there was a problem?

Unrelated to these questions, I had a terrible time with a stop once. I didn't want to submit to the test on the road so they took me to a place with a machine. They said I didn't breath correctly (uh) and then gave me a gigantic bruise drawing blood. It ended up being under the limit. Thanks, county.

In the middle time I just had a pub defender basically try to talk me into pleading guilty because I'd have to pay $1000 to get the bloodwork done if not. This took months because the lab was backed up, as I assume it is all of the time. I waited and was fine. The system really craps on people who can't afford to fight it.

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Who’s fault is that? The manufacturer? Can police just shrug and say not my problem?

Thanks for your reporting.

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Do it if you can but it is extremely expensive and time consuming. Days off work, DMV, court dates, lawyers, etc.

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Yes it is but a) some people can't afford it b) it takes time to get a warrant and draw blood c) people are intimidated by the legal system and layers d) You have to apply to have your license reinstated, pay fees associated with that no matter what the verdict is.

Some people do not live in areas with public transit and can't get to work even if their license is suspended for a few days. You can also get tickets for driving on a bad license.

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"Tax Man, I'd like one ticket to NASA please."