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Oh yeah! I had a dog named Lucky, a little mutt!

Playing sandlot baseball every saturday with my friends.

Meeting my bestfriend Gerry which we are still friends today.

Having a girlfriend.

We used to sneak into the movies in downtown all the time. One of us would pay for one ticket and prop open an exit door that the rest of us piled through.

I ran track in highschool.

I tried to be as normal as possible and did all the things that normals kids of the days did.

There were points where my mother would go on sober binges and would take me to plays, light operas (gilbert and sullivan stuff), she was a very sophisticated woman when she was sober.

Advice I'd give:

I should have told someone in my life what was happening to me. My problem with this is that if I did I would have been put in the 'system' foster care.

Perhaps I would say to abandon my mother sooner, but even still I was very protective of my mother. I could have gone with my grandmother and lived the countryclub life, but I was a loyal son-of-a-bitch.


Back then was spaghetti at the greatest Italian restaurant where I lived.

Ooooh, hot-milk sponge-cake, I would make it all the time. I still have the cookbook from 1933! I'll make it again one of these days.

Now my favorite food is pussy. (he didn't want me to put that in there as he chuckles to himself lol), I don't know maybe udon noodles, and pan-fried cat shit. I've always loved fresh fruit. I lived a block away from the old SF farmer's market where you could always get fresh fruit and veggies.

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Very friendly.

SF was a working class city in my day. Not like now at all.

Fisherman's Wharf we went to all the time it was pretty casual.

If you wanted booze, you went to Chinatown where you could buy and sell practically anything.

Baseball was super cheap.

Movie theaters everywhere which was dirt cheap.

The De Young museum was FREE

If there is anything I dislike about the SF of today is just how ludicrously expensive it is now. Of course this is a pretty common thing for people of my age "back in my day yada" but it rings true.

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It's actually in the second chapter I linked above. There was a another time when my cousin when I was in the fifth grade threw a rock that shattered the bottom row of my teeth. Poor bastard never forgave himself. Didn't help that I ragged him about every chance I got. Should have forgiven him.

The book will get released when I can figure out how to publish the damned thing this year hopefully.

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Yes it gave me closure.

I didn't have to live in fear of them anymore.

Whenever I delivered newspapers in the morning I always carried an ice pick, a straight razor, and a pocket knife all the time. I still have the ice pick.

I wasn't the biggest guy in time, and I wasn't aggressive or anything, but sometimes I got bullied and pushed around. In general I was left alone because I didn't show fear, and the unlucky ones that pushed me too far found out they couldn't fuck with me.

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  1. Most difficult? God that is way too hard. I was in the Marine corps for 10 fucking years that shit is difficult.
  2. Hone your bullshit detector, because there is a whole lotta bullshit out there.

Most important: get laid ( he chuckles)

But actually: Take a fucking risk in your life, but always have a PLAN B, or C, D E etc.