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oldguynewname1 karma

Ufff an hour long lol. I will watch it tommrow sometime. Or soon.

All I am saying is we are not mushrooms. So dont keep us in the dark and feed us shit.

Reddit recently got a metric shitload of cash and the daily gold percentage sets reddit to make around half a million a year.

Now I know servers cost and all that, but with the recent amount of money it shows they are going to do something drastic.

I like reddit for its lego community helped me out so much with our projects. And the community in /r/lego is by far the most generous I feel.

Its a very community oriented sub as many users will donate or spark new subs off it to accomplish a goal. I wont stop using it or buying gold for others because I feel I use it so I should contribute something.

At one time I wasn't that way. I cought an admin on a bad day and rubbed them the wrong way so I go the ban hammer. Still dont have the name back either lol. I just avoid that person as I feel someday they will get treated as they treat others.

I am grateful you did this ama. It was a great read. I went thru all your comments and noticed you are cautious and learned a bit as admin lol.

oldguynewname1 karma

Reddit seems like a bit of a crazy place to work for.. everyone claims it dont make money yet you have people doing deals and celebrities throwing money at it.


I dont ever see rich people getting into something that will foolishly lose them money. It isnt how they got rich.

The entire own a part of reddit is a ploy to make other think they have something tangible. Lets be real for a second.

We have all seen that bitcoin bot dropping a dollar here or 50 bucks there. Now I am betting admin was watching that like a hawk and seeing how users upvoted the hell outta that.

They thought hmmmm how can we make this generate for us. Well this is how.

Be honest with me man (op) lets say they give you an option to buy extra shares. Of reddit do you think that they will ever have a share holders meeting where they will listen to users feedback. Lol

They ban without reason most the time and when you ask they ignore you. This site gets 3 million unique visitors a day or something and they have 4 community managers but 50 others doing development and sales for ad space. Come on.

Almost every celebrity ama is a promotion for a new movie or book and very rarely do they answer questions.

Reddit is a money making monster it has to be otherwise these people wouldn't invest money into it.

I realize somethings you can and somethings you cant talk about that is cool. We as users are what generates the money for reddit. Wish they would just be straight with us.