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Opinions on firearms, after the incident? I had a ricochet go through my left earlobe, about two years ago. Bullet was fired by me, at a steel target that was poorly angled, and about 2/3 of it came back and poked a nice hole, in a hurry. Was a .357 as well.

I still love shooting.

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I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, 9 years ago. I learned very quickly that a Will is pretty good to have. Even if you just have a car, or some money in a bank account. That will help your family retain your possessions, if the worst was to happen. The government gets to cone in and sort things out, if you don’t have a Will. We never want to think about death as an option, but bad things can happen.

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Mine was also at a boy scout camp, that my father was hosting.

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Have you setup a Will yet?