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Only white-collar crime has the risk-reward ratio in favor of the criminal. But that is a much more difficult field to get into.

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Next time just buy your gf some jewelry. You can choose whatever price point you are comfortable with and it doesn't have the side-effect of you ending up in a cult.

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As an outsider, the parent comment read like an atomic bomb that destroyed everything you laid out. I was ready to jump aboard the hate train.

But you took the hard questions right on the chin and gave very reasonable responses to most of them.

Good luck to you. I felt like getting a traditional degree was just an exercise I had the go through to ensure a successful future. The vast majority of useful knowledge I gained for tech industry work actually came from my own side projects and internships. The actual CS course work for my degree was laughably outdated in comparison that what the industry was doing at the time.

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I think this is the biggest contradiction in current human thinking. How can we believe in putting our pets down to end their suffering but not afford other humans the same decency.

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Is it possible to do an advanced directive that states that in the future if you meet the other criteria but are no longer of sound mind, you would still like pursue this path?