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As a physician myself I would be very afraid of trying to have a practice that treats chronic pain. The legal risk of fines and imprisonment if a patient manipulates me into prescribing narcotics is not worth it. Any ambitious DA who wants to make a name can bring all the power of the state to prosecute me.

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Funny thing is that pharmaceutical companies will now benefit from patented "tamper resistant" drugs. Tylenol with codeine or Oxycodone (Percocet) is inexpensive, off patent and generic. Any legally mandated product made to be hard to abuse by injecting, smoking or snorting will be expensive and profitable.

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Do you have any experience with Marijuana or THC for pain? Also, ketamine is not available orally. Do you use it IV/IM? It is a potential drug of abuse but it is avery effective analgesic. Finally, pancreatitis is miserable. I sympathize with what you must have been through.

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That's a wonderful safety record. The navy must have some great land-based reactor support to keep you going.