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Note that it is an expensive car, but it comes with 2 major perks:

1). Free Tesla charging for life of car

2). Tesla does not make profits on servicing their vehicles. This should amount to lower annual maintenance costs.

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It very much is PURE bullshit.

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I disagree. Starting a non-paying job after taking out 4-8 years of school loans is not only deplorable and insulting, it is counterproductive and increases wealth disparities in developed countries.
While I have more sympathy to non-profits, interns in general deserve some wage. I understand they have a lot to learn and gain from the company, but the company also benefits a lot. The intern deserves modest compensation so they do not have to take out more loans for living expenses.

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Drove the leaf recently. Loved it! Handling was superb, and the composite view camera is so useful! If it could go over 100 miles/charge, I would have gotten it in an instant. Perhaps in a few more years

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It does not work well in the veterinary industry. We don't get a say in what drugs or medical tech is available. We have a handful of chemo drugs available, compared to the plethora of drugs human med has. Human medicine dictated the pharma industry. We euthanize animals daily because the client doesn't have the funds for a treatable disease. This methodology does not work with human self-preservation ideology involved in our healthcare. People complain about their pet's $70-130 exam, $150 CBC/chem bloodwork, $200 for 2-view radiographs, and 1/5th the cost for a comparable surgery. This is more expensive out-of-pocket costs the average insured American pays. Human medicine is too specialized to allow decreased costs. Veterinarians have specialties, but our general practitioners are "jack of all trades" and attempt treatment before referral. Also, given how poorly Americans save money, how in the world can they pay for their human med costs up front, if they can't even pay their animal's vet costs up front? We can't even save for retirement! I'm sorry, your statements are ill-founded and ignorant, at best.