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Basically nothing on the textbooks. But my history teacher did reveal a little bit to the class. He and the older generations often refer to it as Eighty-Nine Student Wave.

In Chinese the word wave could mean a huge trend.

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Thanks buddy. That means a lot to me.

My day is just as usual. Chinese New Year is just getting boring year after year. I feel even more exhausted than workdays after the vacation.

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Well our government did well. I’d give you that. Things like voting or democracy/authorization basically don’t exist in our daily life. People don’t care about them or interested in discussing them.

I myself am one of the few exceptions. Now I cannot even live a day without a VPN and the world beyond the wall. Been saving money to immigrate to europe with my wife. It would seem to take a lifetime to get that much money though.

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I believe that he has a powerful team that manages his public image. In his first years he was portrayed as an open minded leader that would embrace human rights and maybe even democracy. But things started to change since he slowly seized all the power and edited the constitution...

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Currently no. But selling one is against the law and some people I know doing that business have already been arrested or “invited” by the police and sign a guarantee document or something.