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I grew up 1.5 hours from Sioux Falls, and thus spent a lot of time in Sioux Falls as there wasn't much else out there in that spec of nothingness. Did you visit Sioux Falls in writing this book? What places mentioned in the book still exist?

Book has been requested from library, but 3 people in front of me. So, I guess that's good for you!

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Thank you for doing these regularly. They are great AMAs! I work in the Port of Tacoma. How much time from the Mt Tacoma "Oh SHIT, SOMETHING IS HAPPENING!" Moment until the Lahar washes out my office?

I live in the North End of Tacoma. We're about 400 ft above sea level and and that part of Tacoma is on bedrock. I always tell everyone in a "normal" eruption, we'll be mostly fine. But the risk is if the eruption starts causing earthquakes and the Tacoma fault plunges us down. How likely is that scenario? Other than "have food and water for 7 days" what else should I have ready?

Thank you!

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Thank you for responding! I've been in the Courthouse Museum (probably 20 years ago!). So that's awesome. And I've driven by Calvary Cathedral several times. That's very cool. Excited to read the book.

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Thanks for answering Brian!

We are signed up for Pierce County Alert. https://www.piercecountywa.gov/921/Pierce-County-ALERT I actually signed up to be notified about the Lahar Siren Tests, because I was tired of scaring the crap out of myself (back when we were staying in Puyallup). But its nice to get other alerts. I recommend everyone in Pierce County gets signed up. Especially if you live in Orting or Puyallup. It could save your life.

Good to know that the faults aren't connected per se.

Last questions, have you read the terrifying true story "Devolution" by Max Brooks? Have you seen signs of Sasquatch yourself on the mountain and do you have concerns they may have to escape in an eruption?

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What seemingly minor seismic activity or volcano activity would you make you go "oh, that's bad,"?