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ohyeathatsright60 karma

Does the recent ruling against corporations right to "personal" privacy from FOIA requests, FCC vs. AT&T, impact the seemingly contradictory ruling on Citizens United? Has this caused some legislators to revisit their opinions of corporate person-hood?

ohyeathatsright8 karma

Thank you for responding.

My hope is that this ruling does become a political issue to use against the supporters of Citizens United to attempt to sway a few opinions on the matter. This needs to be pushed in every media outlet.

CU needs to be addressed by the legislature immediately, before the next election cycle. I think WI is a great example of what can happen when corporate interests are allowed to spend unlimited sums of money directly and through front groups (without any requirements to report their donors) on the elections. WI now has a budget bill on the table that not only strips collective bargaining rights from workers, but also provides for no-bid sale of public utilities. This can not possibly be done in good faith.

Political apathy will only increase if citizens feel their voices are being drowned out by corporate entities and as we all know, money talks. Once the citizenry becomes apathetic, then the slide to corporatism is complete.