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ohyeahclearly12 karma

Hi! Thanks for doing this AMA!

I'm hoping to do my own show, but I've never put together anything like this before. I feel like I have the equipment ready: a reasonably priced mic and some "obtained" recording software; but ultimately I have no clue what I'm up against. I'm hoping that you can shed some light on what to expect when you've never done this before. Thankfully I have an idea of how I want things to look (intro, content of the show, and outro) but I'm very interested in how a YouTube'r gets started? I'm not really concerned with being a partner yet, as you already stated that-that can take some time.

  1. What happens when I try to use music as part of my intro/outro?
  2. How can I incorporate clips of other YouTube channels or video fragments? You mentioned video games earlier and Machinima, how are people who use game videos and not partnered in such a way, get away with using clips of themselves playing games? or LPs?
  3. What should I expect month-to-month, if I want to be successful? (I plan on doing a single 10min show, possibly expanding to a bi-weekly show).
  4. How much self-promotion do you do?

Sorry if these questions are too general, but I guess some good pointers for beginners would be awesome!