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We are wildlife educators, teachers of the great outdoors! I teach visitors everything about animals, plants and trees to watercraft safety and how to paddle board! We do a lot of education programs, including taking animals to schools to teach about what kids can hear in the woods at night, archery, fishing, etc.

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Dang. The grey fox is a canine (dog family) but can climb a tree like a cat. Their claws let them do this.

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I had been to 18 before this trip and it has always been on my bucket list to visit them all. Obviously I want to spend more time at each one, but now I know which ones I want to go back to soon. And that is why I am doing it, so Ohioans and visitors to our great state can plan which park they want to see, which activity they want to do, within the constraints of their own busy lives.

It is easy to say "Ohio State Parks are so great" but have you been to all of them near you? Have you been to both the natural and man made lakes? Have you played disc golf while red and yellow leaves fall down around you? I hope others are inspired by my trip, as that is my favorite thing to do, connect people with the outdoors.

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Punderson is the #1 course in the state! There is even an island you have to throw to. If you throw your disc in the water there is a john boat with a paddle tied up nearby so you can try and retrieve it.

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So there are only 7 states that have free-to-visit state parks. Ohio is one!

Also we are very diverse, from the shores of Lake Erie, to wetlands, to prairies and forests, to the Appalachian mountains!

Where I am now is very special. Shawnee State Park has so much land to explore and you can really connect with nature on the river, one of two lakes, or in the surrounding state forest.