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Just have to be careful when evaluating HOA fees as some associations just keep the number low to lure in buyers then make up for underfunding the association by issuing one time assessments on a regular basis.

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I'd guess it would be for the same reason that Warren Buffett eats at McDonalds. It has what he wants, the price is hard to beat, and restaurants are close to where he lives.

Coordinating via a high class service probably isn't as convenient, and non-native citizens are less likely to recognize him, spread rumors, and/or try the blackmail route.

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What about tree law? Reddit's legal community seems to have an unhealthy preoccupation with that branch.

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Your statement:

"an email was sent to commercial tech support, and some low level peeon just replied back with the standard reply that you need to purchase more coverage"

Is precisely the problem.

Verizon has proactively made a ton of profit-driven management decisions that lead to this exact outcome.

  • They've spent money detecting and throttling services instead of spending money to improve bandwidth.

  • They've outsourced their customer service to lesser skilled less expensive labor.

  • They've trained their outsourced inexpensive labor to auto respond with attempts to upsell instead of either giving them the tools to properly diagnose and fix problems.

All three will continue to happen if we don't have sufficient regulation and oversight.

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Right now, the two states that seem to be succeeding at getting the most people in their state vaccinated are Alaska and West Virginia, both of which present massive logistical challenges with large rural populations.

What is the secret to their success??