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A thousand pardons for not posting an actual question here, but I have scrolled passed this a couple times and I just couldn't let the opportunity to let you know this slip away.

I really really really loved Moral Orel. Really really really really. Every time I think about it I feel sad, happy, empty, overwhelmed... it was truly a masterpiece. The episode where Clay forbids Orel from going to church, and the "I'm a church" line, and god, just that whole last season and everything before that. Every single episode was golden...Every character and substory and the fact that all of them changed so beautifully and how that contrasted to Clay's ruin. I really truly have no idea how anyone could have created something so awe inspiringly intricate and perfect. When I heard Beforel Orel was coming out I seriously cried, and it was everything I hoped it would be and more.

Again, I hope you forgive me for going on pointlessly, but seriously man you are my fucking hero. Allah bless you

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Seriously if the amount of gratitude I had for you making the show was $ you would be Uncle Pennybags-tier rich. I wish I had paid attention in school so I could actually articulate what the show meant to me rather than just barf up a paragraph on reddit!

Closing remarks: all the best [AS] shows are cancelled. I don't know if you ever looked into any PFFR shows like Xavier or Delocated but at the very least Xavier was also quite brilliant but AS kicked it. I know saying that is basically a moot point but I can't imagine what it'd be like to so clearly pour your heart and soul into something and have it cut. But no matter what, I will always be thankful that it existed at all and it will remain close to my heart forever!!

Aaahh I'm done now I promise! I hope you have an amazing night and career and life xoxoxo