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watch any video of cops in action and ask yourself "how well do they appear to be trained?"

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youtube search field test false positives.
they got those break the vial in the pouch tests to pop dirty on all kinds of things. one on just air.

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how often 1/10-9/10 do the numbers in the passport id trigger secondary inspection at the airport?
i need to renew mine early so i can get a new # as i am one of the lucky ones who get auto-searched.

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i see both sides of this issue.

on one hand, its odd how many of the people who hate the implants wear glasses of have had braces or any surgery?

then on the other side, my wife didnt want it because she felt it made her obviously and visually different. my wife is now deaf in one ear after auditory schwannoma removal surgery and they had her set with appointments to see hearing specialists for a cochlear implant before she was out of the recovery room.

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how does this jive with the theory that the recent uproar and action over <50 people is just grandstanding and trying to get rid of vaping to recover money lost from lack of cigarette sales?

tobacco master settlement bonds are due and shipments are down so they cant pay back the cash they took out against projected earnings.

thank you for your work!