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Was learning of Castners cutthroats just as surprising for you in comparison to those embedded around the Hump and those serving with Mao. Did you look into the 50,000 jamaicans brought to california for he citrus industry, failed, and this segued into german pows being used for the war effort?

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Im a regimental historian for the state of california (please dm)if you need access to the state archive!

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What is your opinion on grouping? Like African-Americans, would a white boer be considered African American? How would you discern the Finnish people to those of Gaul decent? Would a Tunisian, or Libyan be branded the same as someone from Swaziland?

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SO would you say the best solution is to once and for all take care of the cartels, so people arn't fleeing by violence but out of choice?

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You're the exact person I would love to work with. My philosphy is long term we stand on our own 2 feet as individuals, but work together to create something bigger. It's so short term to screw people over.

There are others who view the world you do, others who would love to work with you to help you grow to better a better person, for we would all grow together, by choice. Thank you for trying to preserve our history, so we can further connect with our past to understand it. It's because of people like you that we at all have accurate knowledge of our past. Please keep perservering in what you do and I hope (I'm a restoration specialist in the reserves, so I mainly help restore early 20th century military vehicles/artificats) and hope we might cross paths one day.