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of_skies_and_seas15 karma

"They're all so afraid of hell and they're more than willing to be despised to avoid it." - What do the WBC think of salvation by grace alone through faith alone?

Also, I see that you now attend a UU church, which I don't know much about. Do you still believe in Christ?

Thanks for the AMA :)

of_skies_and_seas6 karma

Great work on that underwater scene! I loved every aspect of it from the VFX to acting to camerawork to sound design. It'll be remembered as an iconic scene in the series for sure.

The eyes are so good too. I like how they can indicate this otherworldly presence while leaving much to the viewer's imagination.

of_skies_and_seas5 karma

What is a scene you would have done differently if hindsight, if any?