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2 years ago I was in the ICU from December 6th till March 14th. Long story, but Now I have a new liver and kidney. It sucked, dialysis sucked even more, waiting for on the UNOS sucked. Good luck going forward and watch out for prednisone, I had bad side effects.

Anyway how long are you expected to be in the hospital? Where did you get it done? I was shipped to Mtn. Sinia in NYC, I guess they did a good job since I'm still here.

Check out R/transplants, we have a bunch of good info there. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

Edit: carry hand sanitizer with at all times, it will help keep you from getting sick... as much

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Did you get a living donor? I didn't and the life expectancy is not as long

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karl Dilkington

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It took me close to 2 years after my transplants to get off my BP meds. Prednisone really fucked me up with side effects so they took me off of it. I just got celcept and Prograf now

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What meds are you on? Hopefully not prednisone