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octnoir55 karma

that you will not purchase ANY Nestle product

So does that include Nestle base products or Nestle owned products? And does that include Nestle suppliers, retailers and distributers for Nestle, and all the partnerships that Nestle have?

This image gets shared a lot but it is worth noting that the revenue and income streams for large companies are very diversified with all the partnerships and inter connectivity and the image actually undersells Nestle's reach. It feels a bit useless to ban yourself from Coffeemate, and pick up another creamer that is 'store brand' but it turns out that store brand is from Nestle, just repackaged (this happens all the time and it is very hard for the average consumer to figure out what is an ethical product and what isn't).

Is there something a customer can do that is more effective? A high value product from Nestle whos sales you can hurt and really hit their bottom line with? Or an entire laundry list of alternatives for all Nestle partners and owners that is feasible for your average Joe so they don't end up having no options for 30 miles? Or something else like volunteering?