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obviouslyCPTobvious91 karma

Could you please explain how time works in relation to traveling real fast? The fact that when light travels it happens instantaneously, but it in our time it takes years. I remember seeing you mention it before, but I don't completely understand it enough to be able to explain it to somebody else.

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Do you only collect packets of kool-aid? Do you also collect memorabilia? If so, what do you have? How much money do you spend on koolaid?

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Photoshopped. Look at the white border around the ears of the elijah on the right.

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Is this something you want to make a career out of, or is this strictly just a hobby? Does this relate to you day job at all?

obviouslyCPTobvious1 karma

How are you paid? Is it a one-time payment, or do you get paid every time a commercial runs?