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obvi_throwawayisobvi133 karma

I finish way too quickly. We're talking less than a minute. I try my best to make up for it in always offering oral, fingers, foreplay, kissing, everything. She says it's not a problem and content but, of course, I still have my doubts. It's starting to affect my drive because while I want to have sex I'm hesitant because I'm worried about being horrible.

I've tried start/stop, but it's pretty ridiculous.

1: how do I stop finishing so damn quick? If that's not possible,

2: how do I stop from letting it eat me up inside?

obvi_throwawayisobvi48 karma

I've done one and stop myself from finishing. How many times of practice does it take before there's a difference?

Never tried a ring.

I'm unsure of how fast I can get it up again to masturbate before hand.

Basically, I'm just way too sensitive. Even a hand job or oral sets me off quickly.

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It really did, thank you!