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Yes! Except "Judas Sheep". They lead the herd into the pens/trucks heading to the slaughter house. Interesting. Thanks

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Have you encountered (or heard of) people who steal other animals using their own?

The reason I ask is that i recently encountered a beagle barking up a storm, running through my (relatively rural) property. I was going to chase him but then heard the owner calling him. So i go for the owner to hop in my truck to chase his pooch. Yep, I'm a proud dog owner.

He said it's not unheard of that other beagle owners will have their own pack and the stray will tag along on a chase and get scooped up. Dude paid $1,300 for his dog, so real money is involved. Needless to say, I was stunned this is a thing.

Edit: ultimately, after a lot of calling and listening to this dog bark all over my property, he came back to the owner on his own. An unbelievably gorgeous, young 7mo beagle.