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Yes, it's okay to feel lonely

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A of of burrito chains in my area have guac for free.

I never really liked Chipotle for that reason. I can get an 8 dollar burrito with guac at a competitor vs. a 10 dollar burrito without at Chipotle. Same size, too.

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There was a case a while back between Stardock and the owners of the copyright to a game, Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III.

The two created a game in the 90's, Star Control 2, having also created "Star Control", for a company Accolade. Under their agreement with the publishing company, they got to keep the copyright to the game. But Accolade kept the copyright to the name "Star Control".

Accolade went on to produce Star Control 3 by licensing the IP from the creators. The creators went on to release the source code for Star Control 2 allowing it to be released for free as long as the name wasn't "Star Control 2". (It's still available now as "The Ur-Quan Masters)

Accolade went bankrupt as was bought by Atari. Atari went bankrupt and their assets were auctioned off. Stardock purchased their rights to "Star Control".

Stardock eventually announced a Star Control game. The TL;DR of it is that Stardock first tried to get the original creators on board, who refused to license out their IP. A few years later, Stardock tried to claim that they had actually purchased the IP.

It went to court and it seems no one "won".

I guess my question is, have you heard anything about this case before? And what are your thoughts on it?

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That would do the opposite of help me. I need to turn my brain off. It won't get bored. I'll get to Z, or get distracted by trying to make a harder challenge, or something lmao

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You're in the wrong, mate