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Sometimes I feel like Sandler is fully aware of how terrible some of his recent movies are, and he is just doing an experiment to see how much money he can make on a truly awful film

But chances are he is just letting his inner goofball get too out of hand

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I could see it making a really great short film of its own

Kind of like an ESPN 30 for 30 but with Caesar Flickerman recounting the events of Haymitch Abernathy and his history in the 2nd Quarter Quell

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Inside Jon Arbuckle

I can actually see this being a thing

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I’m so glad to hear that about Tom and Bert. They’re such funny and great guys.

You should really get this upcoming Instagram influencer robertpaulch on the show. He’s an absolute inspiration and a good friend of Tom’s.

Also, I guarantee he’ll drink his own piss on camera if you ask him. Try it out man.

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I believe the fact that he was the only victor from District 11 District 12 was mentioned because he was the only trainer they got