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If you don't mind me jumping in here: I don't have SAD but I have major depressive disorder. My doctor ran some tests and found out that I had a severe vitamin d deficiency.

I was "prescribed" a light box to improve my production of vitamin d. After decades of depression, I'm doing so much better. Daily use of the box, coupled with meds and therapy, has changed my whole quality of life.

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Thank you. I do take d3. Whatever happened, it worked well.

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I've been following your grumpy animal posts. They are absolutely adorable. Good luck with the book!

Q: how has the outbreak of Covid-19 manifested itself in your grumpy animals drawings?

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I'm definitely a homie for the taste. But also the hydration.

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I'm am honorably discharged veteran. I once lost 85lbs in one year. My husband is currently a soldier and he deserves a fit, beautiful wife. How do I get my mojo back so that i can be the trophy wife that he deserves?