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Mike, can you talk a bit more about the debates?

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How do you expect you can raise your profile against Amy McGrath? Most people haven't heard of you. Second, people say you and Booker are splitting the progressive vote in KY. Will you guys come together or how will go up against the big money machine pushing Amy?

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Thanks for the link to the vegan cheese. Wow! I didn't know this existed. Unfortunately their samplers are sold out but I plan to try it as soon as I can find some. My husband is veg/vegan so anything helps to find him delicious treats

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Thanks for the answer. What does is KY polling for Amy v Mike v Booker? Does he have a solid chance to win the primary and against McConnell? Can he win over any GOP voters for real? McConnell is as bad as Trump as far as I'm concerned. I know there is a national spotlight and people fear Amy not winning the primary (outsiders) EDIT: Please tell me about DEBATES!