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We're you really laughing hysterically on the ground from the stories he had?

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Do you eat organic? You seem very fit.

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What's interesting is I spend a large amount of time doing this but that one didn't alarm me. I was just having a conversation with a default mod last night about this:


Oddly enough that mod and /u/cwenham have banned me from r/pics for calling out suspicious accounts in the modmail. I'm also currently ghost banned by that guy in r/aww as a means to "waste my time" trying to warn users when automod removes everything I say. Why do mods back them up?

The users that see my callout posts in the comments are usually receptive but I often get "it's new to me!" "who the f**k cares?!" and "get a life karma is imaginary!" attacks.

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Link to that post? I remember seeing it.

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Are there any good examples of people calling out your accounts getting shouted down by others who defend it?