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To be fair I think you should really examine the biases you presented here

Edit: idk if people know how hurtful it is to have some aspect of your identity that isn’t considered “normal”, but it doesn’t hurt you so you live with it ok. Maybe a few minor setbacks but nothing that bad...only to have strangers come up to you and insist “don’t you want to be FIXED so you can be “normal”?” Idk I think I’d rather listen to deaf people’s perspectives instead of tell them they don’t know what’s good for them you know?

I think that this also kind of goes into the mentality of “we can use science to fix all our problems” and here being something that the majority considers a problem that needs fixing, while those with the “problem” don’t see it that way. Why should they conform to these standards?

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Which opera do you wish would be performed more often?

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What’s your favorite piece to play?

And are there any pieces you think are overrated but you play often because they’re audience favorites?