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I can't believe no one asked this yet:

Did you type the book yourself and how long did it take you?

I'll see myself out ...

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I always felt Reddit was an evolution of Usenet groups. Do you see a future where Usenet evolves again and becomes a better and decentralized Reddit?

Usenet was always anonymous and decentralized, but the big evolution leading to user adoption since then has been post scoring (since slashdot) and upvotes/downvotes and karma - or basically gamification.

This usually requires user registration and accounts in a central database. But since then a number of federated identity systems have developed, as well as private/public key methods of keeping an anonymous yet decentralized identity and scores (cough blockchain cough).

Along with a modern client supporting seamless image and video posting (or a better binary storage system than uuenncode), this would be a really cool thing.

Any such plans?

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Omg really? And I thought he would type out a whole book in an afternoon.

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Last time I was on Usenet I was using tin on Linux. :)