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The point of this question is they're trying to determine if you have a reason to return to your home country (assuming you are coming in to the country on a non-permanent basis).

What I mean by that is you come to America for vacation on a tourist visa. You seemingly have most of your belongings with you. They ask if there is anything you're leaving behind. Things like a home you own, a job you have, money in the bank, family, the remainder of your possessions, etc. Reasons to actually leave the country when you're supposed to.

If you seem to have all of your belongings with you, and you just quit your job, and you don't own a home, etc... you're going to have a bad time getting in to the country because they assume you have no reason to go home and will therefore overstay your welcome.

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What happened to her?!

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I'm sorry to ask this but you describe how you have so little money and require a loan from a family member, but you also have at least 1 cat, 1 dog, and you smoke.

You're obviously entitled to do whatever makes you happy, but if money is an issue then why wouldn't you give those things up? At least the smoking. Even 1 pack a week, which no smoker I know smokes that little, is 5% of your monthly income.