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nuclearkatie2 karma

And you only know one woman in nuclear who is kicking butt? I could've recommended a dozen badass women for this AMA by thinking for 30 seconds.

Asking a single woman who couldn't make it isn't enough to say "oh well, I tried. Perfectly cool to continue on with my manel"

And yeah, Marilyn Kray (ANS President) and Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar (ANS VP) are awesome, but let's remember that they're only the fourth (and next year Mary Lou will become the fifth) female presidents of ANS, a society that has a new president every year and has existed since 1955. Let's celebrate small steps but not lose the larger picture here.

edit: I mis-remembered the number of female ANS presidents. There have been four including Marilyn, not three.

nuclearkatie2 karma

I know you guys know tons of awesome women in nuclear science and engineering, why didn't you include at least one in this group of experts?