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Buying in bulk is a good place to start. Generally, the more you buy, the cheaper per pound. Plus buying things like pork loins or whole strip loins and having the butcher cut it for you is always cheaper than buying just single pork chops or steaks. Buying whole chickens instead of parts and asking for them to be cut up. Or just don't be afraid to ask at a small store if you buy 5 or 10 pounds of ground beef, or if you buy 10 steaks if they'll give you a price break, they usually will do it for you. Small stores especially, they want steady customers and they want you to come back. There is just no way we can compete with huge stores like Walmart.

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Angus beef is not necessarily better. A lot of stuff labeled certified angus isn't better quality all the time. Just know that (in the u.s.) Select is the lowest grade, Choice is the good stuff, and Prime is the really expensive, tender stuff. There are other factors in grading meat but a lot of it especially with steaks has to do with how much marbling the beef has. Very lean steaks usually aren't as tender, so prime steaks usually have a lot of fat marbled in them which makes them more tender.

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You can ask the store to wrap it all separate for you, or ask them if you can have (or they might charge) some freezer paper and wrap it in that (like how subway wraps up a sandwich). Ziplock bags work fine, try to get as much air out of it as u can. Or if you have the money to spring for one of those machines that seals food air tight those work great too. As long as it goes in the freezer fresh it should come out fine.

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grass-fed beef is better in my opinion. It gives it that nice color too. If you notice that veal is much lighter in color, that's because all calves ever eat in their short lifetime is milk.

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Its honestly pretty cool to know about stuff like what I do, but honestly it's just a job for me until I'm done with college. Although I would like to get into processing deer on my own, you can charge people about 100 bucks an hour to cut and wrap deer for them