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While you are on lockdown at the moment, how many staff are actually needed/working on board?

I am assuming a certain minimum crew will be needed to keep the engines going, plus catering and other essentials, bit does this leave a significant amount of people locked up or is there still some activity/jobs going on?

I will say when this all kicked off I was somewhat understanding of cities not wanting boats full of known cases docking and risking the local populations, but for a boat to be stuck sitting at sea full of staff, and no known cases after 50 days seems idiotic. Fingers crossed you guys can get this sorted out soon.

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As I understand it:

A professional is someone who earns their living through an activity.

A semi professional is someone who earns part of their living through an activity, but also earns a significant amount of their living through other means.

An amateur is someone who takes part as a hobby, and earns no steady income.

So a volunteer firefighter would be classed as an amateur, though they may be equally as skilled as a full time professional.

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I always understood 'professional' as meaning the main paid occupation (as opposed to semi professional where you earn money, but it is not your main income, and amateur, where you make no reliable earnings).

So a volunteer firefighter would not be professional (but may be equally as skilled as one).