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About four years ago, I had hemorrhoidectomy on a massive external hemorrhoid and a stapled hemorrhoidectomy for some even more massive internal hemorrhoids. It was agony. But it sounds like you're doing the band ligation which isn't supposed to be as bad. All I can tell you is changing your diet permanently is way less of a pain in the ass than taking the first pain killer-constipated poop after your asshole is literally cut open and sewn back together.

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Depends. If you go to University of Texas at Austin there will be chingas of people who lived in Saudi. Mostly the children of oil company workers.

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I'm glad I went through with my surgery. Before I got the surgery I went over a year with pretty serious bleeding everytime I had a BM. I was getting anemia. I'd often have bleeding without a BM, and have to slink away from whatever I was doing to change clothes. It was worth a couple weeks of pain to get back to "normal."

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Just because you brought it up. The contemporary folk artist Sufjan Stevens, at the request of NPR, made a song about the ivory-billed woodpecker re-discovery in Arkansas. It's pretty haunting.

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I'm pretty sure that song was inspired by "The Master and Margarita." Great song. Great read.