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With no changes to our current climate crisis policy, economic development is at high risk on our current path. Already built infrastructure is at high risk of being destroyed as well as being outdated by inadequacy to changing conditions and requiring rebuilding to keep our communities safe. Businesses like farms will face higher losses from variable conditions, and we will all be subject to higher disaster tolls.

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Uh ok, propose silly straw men that have nothing to do with the proposals of the Green New Deal and declare them all unworkable.

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Greenpeace has no sway in China. The only plants being built there now are one last one of their own design, and that’s obviously to maintain intern nuclear experience to crossover with weapons development and maintenance.

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Nope even China and France who did the smart thing and built fleets of nuclear plants have concluded that they're too expensive and the renewables are not only up to the task, but cheaper and faster to build.

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The costs of nuclear plants are consistently built on questionable assumptions with the past few plants in the US busting their initial project timeline and cost estimates by 4-8x (or higher as many were outright cancelled at that point). The last few completed plants in the US have taken 20+ years.

And its not just the US that has found time and cost overruns, so has China and France probably the two most experienced nuke plant builders at this point.