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From insider knowledge of the Australian education department, this has happened here before as well and has been hushed up.

I hope this is enough of a wake up call for someone to properly investigate Australia too

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I think we found the head writer

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Hi Phil,

Your company supports the Scouting movement a lot in my area, really helps us to navigate our complex internet needs with a shoestring scout budget, and I just wanted to thank you for the commitment to non-profit entities and supporting the community

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

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There are quite a few here in Australia too. These are the conspiracy theorists I have the most trouble with I think, because they actively come up against courts of law, where they argue that the court has no authority, but also that their argument is more valid and therefore the court should side with them and not have to have a license/pay taxes

I’m baffled because they’ve never won a single case, ever. All of their beliefs come up against a judge who immediately rules against them. Who is teaching them the stuff they keep putting out? How do they believe it so much after being wrong constantly?

My favorite comment by a journalist here was the observation that they always claim the law is not valid when it’s about taxes or needing a license to drive, but they never say the laws and invalid when that same law provides them with a welfare payment, or Medicare, or anything that benefits them.

In my opinion as a psychologist, the vast majority of them qualify for a diagnosis of Delusional Disorder, and many in fact have been found to have schizophrenia after they’ve clashed with police.

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If you could smell any object in space, what would it be?