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Discussing this event with Egyptian friends my view of it has become confused to say the least. Most Egyptians (at least it seems) think the military was just imposing the wishes of the population. I feel that this can lead to an uncontrolled slide into a military state. A biggest army wins scenario is frightening to me. Was there no legal way to extract Morsi without the military? If there is no legal process to depose a failed leader, how will Egypt ever move towards stability?

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here is a site for prescription monocles. Ask and you shall receive.

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Hey Taissa!! So good to see you on Reddit. I was one of the stand ins on Horror Story -I won't give my name out here but I was Kathy's stand in for most of the episodes :)

No question really- I just wanted to say it was awesome getting to work with you and your chipper attitude always made the work environment MUCH better. Not many actresses high five the stand-ins regularly. AHS will be my last show for a while because I am having my first baby in July. So, thanks for making my last gig a real blast.

To anyone else reading this- Taissa is actually as awesome in real life as you think she might be.

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OP is a glassblowing major so at the moment she's surrounded by people telling success stories. Yes some people make a living blowing glass but MANY more try and fail. It's a hard industry to get a leg up in unless you have someone bankrolling you. Lots of freeloader kids live off their parents and apprentice for free. It means the low level jobs don't pay jack. If you can't afford to live for nothing or have 2 full time jobs it's tough. It's a great career for half of a double income couple where the other person has something really stable. It's also a really expensive art to do. Building a studio for glass is 1000x the price as building one for painting for example. Renting time is upwards of a few hundred dollars for a few hours. You might get a gig where you work in exchange for time but out of the 100 or so kids I knew who scored jobs like that, very few actually used their 'free' time. After working 60hrs in a hot shop all week most people use their Saturday to get other stuff done.

I have a masters degree in glass sculpture. I've known literally hundreds of students who majored or minored in glassblowing. Maybe 30-40 of those are actually working full time making glass and maybe 15 of them have real strong careers that could support a comfortable life (like ever being able to retire or have health insurance)

So OP might not be the best source for what the job market really looks like since they are still in school. Not saying OP can't make a life of it. It's just not all roses like they tell you in school.

tl;dr: it's not thaaaaat easy to make a living as a glass artist but it's possible.

Source: been there.

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Is there really zero risk of brain damage?