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I wish more women her age could afford to do the same thing.

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I didn't grow up in an all white family, but I am half white and black and I grew up in very white neighborhoods. I will say this: make sure your kid has easy access to a myriad of cultures and kinds of people. Dolls that look like them , movies with strong (whatever ethnicity they are) characters, stories, historical figures. It's easy when being raised in an all white environment to feel lesser without that conscious additions of important minorities. I'm not saying that if you have a black kid give them all the black stuff, but make sure they understand that it exists. Also, make sure you work out any problems you might have with race before adopting, because kids pick up on that shit. If you adopt a black kid and love them to death, but make weird comments about "those people", it'll hit em hard. That's just my two cents.

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What is Detroit like in your memories? Have you been back recently? Do you have any thoughts on the changes or is that not something that you think about really?

Also, obligatory "tell me about the great depression" question. The Great Depression is one of the most interesting periods of history for me, and my own grandparents grew up on farms and weren't really affected too much by it because they were very self sufficient. I see that you also grew up on a farm, but how were you affected by the depression, if at all.

What do you think about "kids these days"?

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I first heard of you when you went on Doug Loves Movies and now I love everything you do. I know something is quality when you are involved in a project. I am not good at explaining how much I like people, but know-- I like you. I like what you do. You do the good funny.

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thanks so much to her for answering all of that, and thanks to you for transcribing it. These are really interesting insights.