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What was your favorite moment while on TV?

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always funny to look back and laugh! thanks for sharing!

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Hello and thank you kindly for helping out others! I work in Occupational Health and Safety for a Canadian Construction company., I am nationally certified and recognized within my Province as a younger/newer compliance officer making a name for himself. My reputation is growing and I am hearing positive feedback all the time regarding my ethic, professionalism and overall job satisfaction. I got into OHS because i wanted to make a positive impact on how we work and lower the amounts of fatalities. I have the knowledge, I have certifications and I even have a very healthy list of companies I could call (combination of cold and warm calls) to get customers. My issue is this: Where the hell do i start? I can start off with weekends, part time work, contracts etc, but how would i go about managing a start up company with no money. I do have a vehicle I can use and an office at home for temporary work, also, I have one employee who would be willing to work on contract. The main idea tat would set me ahead of other would be commissioning a database / web site to store safety related data. I would need to outsource that. Thank you kindly for reading I welcome any suggestions! Regards