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Came in here rather skeptical that some drop out can make a college but found your idea to be sound and sustainable. The "only pay tuition if you get a job" is very fair to both students and the college. It makes it a must for your college to keep up with the industry otherwise your students have no jobs and your college has no income.

Too many schools churning out degree holders who have no skills and end up saddled with debt and unemployed.

Kudos to what you are doing, I have very limited knowledge on computer science.

What I would like to ask is:

  1. How many students do you have and what is the intake growth y/y?
  2. What is the ratio of students getting jobs based on your model?
  3. How do you market your idea to companies and convince them to take a risk?

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I don't agree with dumping migrants in Italy. Italy does not have the resources to house and provide these migrants with a stable life. They are going to go to Italy and find the worst jobs available to them. Many of them will turn to crime to get by. What you are doing also encourages human traffickers to continue trafficking humans because someone is helping them dump migrants on Italy.

My question is other than just dumping the migrants for the Italians to deal with, what is the real plan here?

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I think it was very brave for you to stand up and share about your challenges in the bedroom. Like you said, we are functioning on very outdated expectation of what men should do. We should be more open minded and look for solutions rather than pretending they don't exist. My problem is I am already 29 and have been in a r/s or done anything sexual with the opposite sex. Sometimes it stresses me out but I would like to think that if I am improving myself personally, its never too late to find the right partner.

My question would be why did you not go for the 2012 olympics and aim for gold?

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Additional questions: 1. I feel there' a big divide between the young and old generation of HK. The young generation seems to be driving force behind the protests. The older generation are the elders of the younger generation. If anything they should be the ones resisting for the young people because the young are their children. Why do you think the old generation has no stakes in the protest? 2. You know the chance of the Chinese government meeting the 5 demands are realistically 0 to none. What's the compromise on this? 3. If things turn violent in HK to the point of no return, is there backup plan?

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99% of comments in this post and every other post are to your liking sir. There's enough drones with the same comments and replies you can easily ignore me.