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Well that would be me, so when you figure it out, drop a note.

That sounds like where I am! Michigan weather is completely unpredictable. It looks like rainy, windy and cold for the next few days. Yay.

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Okay. Cool. None of the comments here make much sense to me so... how's the weather where you're at?

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Wait what? Is disliking pewdiepie edgy now?

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Have you considered cannabis as a supplement to your meds? Just curious because of its pain relief.

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A YouTuber who plays games. Similar to pewdiepie but Jack is actually entertaining and doesn't pander to his 12 year old base as much.

Also his editing tends to be way less over the top. And his jokes are funny. So maybe he's not quite like pewds.

Edit: sorry everyone, I seemed to have struck a nerve with disliking pewds.