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Mikel! Thank you for doing this, thank you for advocating for humanity and for pushing more people to vote. Keep calling out the Cheeto in Charge on Twitter, I live for your feed! I find that I identify with you in a lot of ways, down to some of the smallest details: I ran track in high school, I played the saxophone, I grew up with the Cure and Bowie. I am currently taking an intensive study Russian course, and I am very interested in Russian Literature. I look up to you a great deal in a lot of ways. I just had two questions, one very on the existential side, and the other from someone with a story to tell who can't quite find it yet!

1st question: I just finished your book, my partner and I read it together over facetime over the last few months while I have been on active duty. You talk a lot in it about overcoming this, what seems to me, as an almost compulsion to push people away, despite wanting them near. Now that you have a wife of your own, do you find that you still sometimes feel that, or does it seem that you've hit a stride in your life, the right time with the right person, kind of takes that away?
2nd question: How does the writing process vary between literature and music for you?

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Thank you! The question was asked because I recognize we all have our demons for our own reasons, and it's easy to wonder if it will get any better. I like seeing that someone that I look up to for so many reasons was able to fight through some of this really hard shit that I couldn't even fathom, and make something out of it. I love your music for that, the whole idea of "why be normal" and of making something out of it. Thank you, a million times